Increase revenue by 30% with our loyalty program

Start rewarding your loyal customers to increase their purchase frequency and purchase size and at the same time increase their satisfaction with our mobile app, Padash.

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Powerful services to supercharge your business

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Set up a reward system to reward your loyal customers

Your customers can collect loyalty points by dinning at your place, then they can redeem the points to unlock gifts such as a free meal or drink.

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Get data on your customers in a beautiful dashboard

See how many new customers you got, how many old customers returned, what they ordered, and how much they spent, all in one dashboard.

And many more amazing services!

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Know what they think

The in-built feedback system allows you to know what your customers experienced and if something went wrong.

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Custom QR code Stands

We will design a beautiful stand customized to your brand with a QR code to onboard your customers.

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On-point Notifications

We can send in-app notifications to ~100,000 users with your custom message and link.

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Powerful Automation

Don't work over and over again, take advantage of all our automation features to make your work easier.

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Multiple Views

View your tasks in List, Board or Timeline view, depending on what’s better for your project.

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100% Customizable

Thanks to our custom fields, you can customize Apps to be perfectly tailored to your needs.

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“The increase in our revenue was very obvious right after implementing our loyalty program through Padash. The setup was easy and the returns are definitely worth it.”

Owner and Manager at Foodies Zone
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