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Deliver to customers at 5 times cheaper commission than other apps by fulfilling the delivery yourself, especially to customers who live close to you!

Padash tools

Simplified ordering
& payment

Consumers can order from you in our marketplace and go through the same smooth flow they are used to on other apps.

Free Plan

Access to all services and features for free, with a monthly usage limit. After using up the monthly usage limit, you can choose to upgrade to the paid plan.

Paid Plan

A low commission on orders processed through Padash. For example, when a customers orders delivery or orders pick-up using Padash.

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Free Plan

Access to all services and features for free


*no monthly fees or commission until you pass the limits listed below
Unlimited menu viewing
100 loyalty program users
20 free delivery orders
Omnichannel ordering
Full dashboard access
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It makes running the business easier, and that says a lot!

"I ended up ending my contract with one of the delivery companies because I was losing money! Started providing my own free delivery but managing it on Whatsapp was difficult, especially since users couldn't access the menu while on the phone. Using Padash now, delivering is much easier and order size has increased."

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Owner at Foodies Zone

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